It is rare that we shoot MILFs and usually the handful we do shoot are so versed in fucking, that they take on the machines and make them their bitch. This, however, is not the case with newcomer Brittany Bell, who is so new that she can't get over having people in the room filming while she has sex. She curls up after she cums and looks at us like we REALLY should not be in the room. This is charming because besides being totally green and completely wary of making a porn, Brittany has the most genuine orgasms. She doesn't know any better than to cum so she does and it's like watching her in her bedroom and not a person on a porn set. We wish Brittany well as she gets her porn nerves steeled and in the meantime, watch the 4 orgasms she has before she decides she simply can't fuck in front of us any more!
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